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March 2018

Hello Everyone, this is my first news post. I won’t post more than once a quarter unless something really important comes across my desk that will affect your travels or we announce a new tour. These will get better as I get on a roll in gathering information that will be relevant and interesting. Thanks for the support and please, write comments, send feedback, let’s work together to make these useful for everyone! Lorraine

In The News

Traveling to Brazil?

CDC urges Brazil travelers to get vaccinated against yellow fever. The outbreak in Brazil has moved into more touristed areas like Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo. Please check the CDC website if you are traveling there. Please also be aware that this vaccine is hard to find in the US, so plan early so you have time to track down where you can get the vaccine in your area before you travel.

Are you a Foodie?

In Las Vegas it is time for food festivals. Are you a foodie? Check out this city March through May. Master chef’s dinners, craft beer tastings, panel discussions with notable chefs, a wonderful Grand Tasting at Ceasar’s Palace in the Garden of the Gods, and students sharing their innovative creations! All the who’s who in the culinary world take part. The place to be for food, beer and wine lovers. Read More

Sustainable Travel news

Regional Organizations Band Together to Promote Sustainable Development, Recreation in Philadelphia’s Formerly Polluted Rivers

World Water Day is March 22nd. We often think of improving the world’s water in developing countries. But we all know that we have lots of problems here at home too. Here’s a bit of promising news. The amount of pollution contaminating the Delaware and Schulykill Rivers prevented any recreational water activity. On March 22, in celebration of World Water Day, the area is celebrating improvements that now allow more recreational activity on the rivers. This kind of effort all over the world is critically important as people travel more extensively and areas around the world develop strategies for sustainable travel. Read More

Traveling To France This Spring?

Protests by French Unions supporting Public servants has impacted train, airline, buses and other public services across France. More strikes are planned for April, May and June. If you will be traveling in this area, make plans for delays and cancellations. Always buy travel insurance to protect against loss of your travel investment. Read More

PlanUrEscape Tour News

I8 excited travelers are headed to Iceland in March to seek the Northern Lights. Watch for pictures and stories on our Blog and in Facebook.

In response to many requests, we have posted a small group adventure in the Azores. We are leaning toward September 20-24 for dates. We have a lot of interest and are choosing dates based on what works for the majority of travelers. If you are interested, please send me an email at  and let me know what dates work best for you. The deposit is $100 to hold your space.

In an effort to present some fun weekend getaways, please take a look at our Napa Valley trip. There are still openings for that weekend of wine tasting fun!

In the works are a some of the trips requested for 2019. Watch for postings in early April for a Danube River Cruise, an adventurous trip to Morocco and a hiking trek in Patagonia.

Happy Spring!


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