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Do you savor beautiful surroundings, meeting local people, exploring their customs and a relaxing pace?

You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy our tours.  Relish the delight of an English garden.

Magnificent Garden Tours in the British Isles

We design and host one of a kind garden tours mainly to England and the British Isles. We specially select private homes and visit 3-4 a day. Imagine meeting the gardeners themselves and browsing their magnificent gardens. Follow the tour with scrumptious cakes (picture the British Baking Show) and tea or delightful Elderflower water.

We travel by region and also choose which public gardens in the area we feel will be most interesting. Our tours are completely private so we can stop when we wish to visit a historic site, a coastal beach or do some quick shopping in a lovely village.

Sometimes we add tours to other countries. Be sure to check out our Tours page. 

Explore Our Current Garden Tour

Please check back with us in early April for more details on our upcoming & future tours.

As you know, we work with private homeowners by invitation to visit their gardens. To respect their comfort in allowing our group to visit their homes, we waited until the timing was right to approach gardeners for our visit. We are now in contact with our local gardeners and working as quickly as possible to put together our curated itineraries. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

L & L Garden Tours - Upcoming Tours

  • August 2-11, 2022 – The Costwolds and Floriade

  • May 2023 – Discover Italy’s Gardens

  • June 2023 – The Inviting Gardens of Yorkshire



  • August 2023 – The Gardens of Wales

  • April 2024 – Tulip Time River Cruise

  • June 2024 – England’s Lake District

Introducing Layanee & Lorraine (L&L)

Come travel with us and get a perfectly planned, professionally curated garden tour with our expertise.

Layanee DeMerchant is a garden blogger and horticultural expert. Her career was in the garden industry in Southern New England and Layanee co-hosted a Boston Area radio program, “The Garden Guys.” Layanee researches, contacts the local gardeners and selects the gardens we will visit each tour.


Lorraine Whittemore is a travel agent. With 6 years designing small group tours she knows how to select the best locations, hotels, arrange logistics and make sure each trip goes off without a hitch. 



3 Woman posing together in a garden

Lorraine (left) & Layanee (right), your tour hosts

 Gallery of Previous Tours


GArden tour group looking at a rose arbor in England
Woman asking gardener a question
Delphiniums with English cottage in background
White flower with bee
four delicious British baked cakes
Lilypond in garden

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