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How I Make Your Escape Awesome!

Every good consultant takes the time to get to know their clients so that they can best match products and services to deliver the best possible results. This is step number one for me. Let’s get to know one another and determine how we will work together.

For every trip I plan for you, I will

  • Work with  you to understand your dreams and desires, then develop the plan for your trip.
  • When the plan meets your expectations, I will make all the bookings and send you a link to your My Trips account. You can view your trip details any time from your PC or Mobile Phone.
  • I will email you your final payment reminder about 1 week before it is due.
  • About two-three months before the trip I will send significant details like packing lists, further itinerary details, etc.
  • If you join one of my small group tours, I will invite you to a private Facebook group where you can meet, virtually, your fellow travelers, discuss the trip, make any preparation plans together, and share your excitement.
  • One month before the trip I will mail you your travel documents.
  • When I host a tour, I will be right there with you to solve any issues.  If I am not on the trip I will be available to help 24 hours a day via phone, text or email.
  • When you get home I will ask for your feedback and ideas so to apply to your next awesome trip.

Join One of Our Small Group Tours

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Need Help Planning Your Own Group Trip?

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Want An Individualized Custom Itinerary?

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Traveling With Our Small Groups

Keeping groups small is important to me so we get to know each other and travel together, unified by the destination and our experiences.  Often lifelong friendships are forged. If anything, our growing group of like minded travelers start traveling together on future trips. “Where should we go next?” is often the last question asked as we depart for home.

Are you traveling solo?

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our small group.

  • For accommodations, I will match you with another solo traveler of the same gender. If you wish, you may choose to pay a solo supplement to have your own room. Please check for availability.
  • You will be invited to our Facebook group to chat with fellow travelers, dream about the upcoming trip together, maybe prepare together, hiking, practicing a useful skill, etc.
  • Usually, I also organize a get together about a month before the trip to share information, pass out travel documents, and ‘break the ice’ so when we embark on our trip we already know each other a bit. If you don’t live in the area, no worries, I will Zoom you into the party and mail your travel documents.

Why negotiate and plan yourself?

Don’t weigh yourself down with hours of research. Consider this, I spend 40+ hours a week discovering the best parts of each destination. Enjoy the pleasure of travel without having to think about the details, leave the planning to me, your job is to fully embrace the journey without the hassles!

I’m so happy you’re considering joining our travel groups and can’t wait to deliver your fantastic experience!

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Is This Right For You?

Our Small Group Tours Are Right For You If…

  • You love traveling with like minded people and a tour company that is focused on traveling deeply into a destination, knowing how to read the group and make the best decisions for a perfect trip.
  • As long as accommodations are clean and well located, you are happy.
  • You find joy in trying new things, food, activities, etc.
  • Plans are good, and important to a great trip, however, flexibility sometimes brings a deeper experience and it’s OK with you.
  • You enjoy meeting and traveling with new people.

Our Tours Are Not For You If…

  • Travel is stressful and sometimes you find yourself anxious and frustrated when things don’t go perfectly as planned.
  • New things, new situations, aren’t really your thing.
  • You prefer accommodations with all the amenities at your fingertips.
  • You aren’t into into soft adventure activites (short hikes, walks, kayaking, etc.)
  • You don’t like trying unusual local foods.
  • You feel uncomfortable and unsafe in places that are ‘foreign’ to Western culture.

Come Travel With Me!

Our groups are typically 10-15 travelers. We aren’t a ‘big bus’ tour and don’t want to be. We don’t just look out the window and drive by the sights. Typically, my tours are custom and private. The advantage is, we can say, ‘stop here, we want to see this’ and we can stop and explore, even if it isn’t in the plan. Yes, we have an itinerary, but we also feel it’s important to take advantage of unexpected moments that arise. My tours attract travelers who are flexible and adventurous. A bit of spontaneity is a good thing!

You should know, my fellow travelers are like you, they don’t want a canned tour, they like a sense of freedom on their trip, they understand the value of flexibility in travel, and they love the idea of working with a planning team that understands and respects their travel values.

Schedule a Complimentary Travel Planning Session now by using my online scheduler to find a time that's convenient for you.
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Need Help Planning A Trip For Your Group?

1. Have you been elected to pull together a group vacation?

2. Are you a leader of some type and want to develop trips for your followers?

3. Does the thought of dealing with the planning logistics make you cringe?


Designing small group trips is my specialty. Why not let me take the logistics off your hands so you can enjoy the experience and not the hassles!

If you were elected to pull together a group trip, family reunion, club or association, or you want to share a custom experience with your followers, for example your yoga or dance students, maybe your team has accomplished extraordinary results and you want to offer a trip as a reward?

You have come to the right place.

Group travel brings people together who have the same interests, which enhances the travel experience with fun, interactive and rewarding experiences. Group vacations build camaraderie, long lasting relationships, and memories of amazing adventures, learning and experiencing new and exciting things together.

Thinking about planning a trip for a group of people can feel like a daunting task. Booking, organizing, communicating, collecting funds, dealing with various suppliers, etc. Planning a group trip has a lot of moving pieces. Why do this yourself?

I have the know how, tools and processes to make planning a group vacation a breeze. From online tools, to communication strategies, registering your group members and collecting payments, I make it simple.

I will also make sure your group gets any perks, discounts, and incentives that are available. I know what to ask for, what is standard and what is possible. I will negotiate with suppliers to ensure you get all the benefits of group travel!

You can depend on my wealth of experience in custom designing and escorting groups of all types on vacations all around the world.

Here is what you can expect when you work with the me to plan your group trip.

  • I am a full-service travel agent with contacts and experience to comparative shop and find you the best value providers.
  • A wealth of experience in travel so I can help you decide and select your destination and match your travel style.
  • Access to and relationships with trusted suppliers for activities, transportation, accommodations, meals, etc.
  • I will handle registration, payments, negotiations with suppliers, communication, and coordination of the group.
  • I can work with you to customize a tour that matches your group’s interests. For example, a group of photographers on safari, I have a great guide and driver who has extensive experience working with professional photographers and wildlife.
  • If you want to provide a special gift, tee shirt, or a unique theme for your group, I will help organize this.
  • If you need meeting facilities, I will set up meeting space and audiovisual equipment.
  • I will be available when you need me and if you want, I can accompany the group on the trip so you, the group leader, can enjoy yourself.

I look forward to working with you to plan your group vacation!

Schedule a Complimentary Travel Planning Session now by using my online scheduler to find a time that's convenient for you.
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Individualized, Completely Custom Itineraries

REading France roadmap

Sometimes you just want to let your vacation unfold. To travel independently, deciding how long you want to stop, choose your experiences, and take advantage of unexpected surprises. 

Unless you have all the time in the world to take a nomadic trip, you do need an itinerary, customized for your interests, but structured enough to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

Google is a trip in itself, providing so many ideas, choices and offerings. It can take hours, days to slog through and design your own trip. I say, let me plan the logistics, use my trusted resources all over the world and suggest unique experiences that you will always remember. Your job is to explore the places we put on the list. With itinerary in hand, you can dig in to your Google search and determine what you may want to check out when you get there. You still get the fun of designing with a trusted advisor to consult. 

Here’s How It Works…

  1. We will meet (phone, Zoom, in person) and you can tell me all your dreams and desires for your trip.
  2. Clear on your desires and interests, I will propose a general itinerary for your approval. We will work together to perfect it.
  3. With approved itinerary in hand, I will select accommodations, transportation, and give your suggested experiences you may want to plan ahead.
  4. If all sounds great to you, I book all choices. 
  5. After you had time to explore the destinations on the itinerary, we will work together to add in any specific activities, etc. restaurants, spa services, private guides, cooking classes, wine tastings, whatever will fulfill dreams and deliver memories. 
  6. I will book all last details and then provide you a complete itinerary with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed. This will be a link that you can share with friends and family and share your excitement.
  7. I will deliver to you your travel packet about a month before you leave. Everything you need will be included, instructions, tickets, reservations, etc.
  8. I will be available anytime during your trip should you run into an unexpected issue.
  9. When you return, I will be so looking forward to hearing all about the trip. 
  10. As we continue to work together, I will learn your likes, dislikes, dreams for future trips, bucket list experiences, etc. 
map, computer, camera, people's hands, planning a trip

As  your personal travel advisor, we will partner together to create the magic and memories you crave.

Schedule a Complimentary Travel Planning Session now by using my online scheduler to find a time that's convenient for you.
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Or send me an email and we can start planning your next vacation.

5 Reasons To Travel With A Small Group

1. Meet Amazing People

People  who have the same interests and travel styles that you do!

2. Get off the beaten track 

 Maybe farther than you would on your own.

3. Get close up and involved in the destination

You won’t take your turn with 45 other people. It is easier to go to small, local places and learn about local life.

4. Local Tour Guides

You get closer to your guide, get to spend time together, learn more, and go to the places he/she frequents.

5. Opportunity to be independent

Small groups allow for more me time, a good balance between group activities and downtime.

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