Travel Is An Investment, Spend Wisely

Here’s a question, have you ever thought about enlisting a Travel Planner to help with your travel investments? Think about it. Research shows the typical individual or family takes three trips a year. This can add up to a multi-thousand dollar investment. Consider, you may take a big trip each year, adventure travel to explore something new, hit an item on a bucket list, or travel to a desired destination, then maybe you take a trip to visit family or friends and then sometimes you may add a smaller trip, a getaway, maybe relief from local weather, job stress or just to have some fun.

Invest Wisely

Consider this, do you use a Financial Planner to help you with your retirement and family investment planning? How about an Accountant to help with budgets and taxes? Do you use a professional Insurance Agent to ensure you get the best suppliers and pricing for your home and auto insurance? For all of these things you look to an expert that will help you plan and find the best value products and services for the money. After all, these are important life decisions for you and your family.  Why do you make your travel plans yourself? Why not add a travel planner to the list of experts you consult for your home and family?

Trusted professionals sort through reams of ever changing information every day to make sure you get the best value, products and services. They save you hundreds of hours of time and money too! Travel planning experts spend their entire day immersed in the travel industry! They are trained by suppliers, destination travel boards, airlines, etc. to know what the possibilities are. They have clients who travel and report back on pros and cons of

trips they have taken. They are part of advisory boards, read journals, complete certifications, etc. to stay on top of their game. And most importantly, they travel themselves to explore destinations, hotels, cruise ships, tours, adventures to gain first-hand knowledge.

Your Time is Valuable

Yes, it can be fun to plan travel yourself with the amazing (and bewildering) number of online offerings. Doing it yourself feels like you are controlling your spending, saving money. But consider this, research says using a travel planner can save you up to $400 per trip. And, you don’t know what you don’t know. You may think you have the perfect vacation planned based on your own research, but you can’t possibly know what may have been available to you, things you would have to dig deep for or things a travel planner already knows because it is their passion, their livelihood, to know these things.

I used to love to plan my family’s vacations. I loved all the logistics, studying what to do in a destination, figuring out hotels, etc. As a matter of fact, that is why I became a travel planner, I had a passion for planning all the travel details. Now, after 4 years dedicated to planning hundreds of vacations for my clients and meeting suppliers, receiving training, etc. I realize the vacations I thought were perfect, could have been so much more incredible! I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Working With Your Travel Planner

Here’s how it could work. Sit down with your travel planner once a year, same as you do with a financial advisor or your accountant. Talk about what you are thinking for vacations in the coming year. Where do you need to go, maybe a wedding or visiting a family member that can be combined with a visit to a city nearby? Maybe there is a trip you have been wanting to take, let’s say to Machu Picchu, and you felt it would be out of reach. Maybe this year you wanted to try that first-time cruise. Talk this over with your travel planner. Work out budgets, a strategy for saving, dates so you can plan ahead with your employer, pet sitter, etc.

Lay out a vacation plan. Then let your travel planning expert work out the trip logistics, suppliers, tour options, etc. And since I know you love to sink your teeth into planning your trip, instead of hassling with the logistics, you dig into the internet and learn about the destination. Study up on some great restaurants, maybe a show or festival, a hike or bike ride. Find the must-see items for the museum you will tour, very special neighborhoods to visit. Spend your time visioning your great trip, not hassling with bookings and hotel selections.

Professional travel planners don’t cost you anything, they save time, energy and dollars. As your relationship develops, exceptional travel will be yours! No hassles, no stress, and amazing trips, what more could you ask for?

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