Traveling With Your Cell Phone

Can’t live without your cell phone when you travel? Most of us can’t. Even if you think you can, you may need to make reservations for dinner, confirm transfers and tours, etc. Your concierge can help. But having your cell phone for back up is a good idea. To keep it simple, here are a few tips.

  • You can upgrade your cell plan for a region or country for the period you are there.
  • Make sure that country supports your carrier.
  • Use Skype or another Voice Over IP service for calling. Make sure those you want to contact have also downloaded the app before you leave.
  • Purchase a local cell phone with a domestic calling plan.
  • Rent a phone from companies like Triptel or
  • Use a SIM card if your phone is compatible.
  • Use Whatsapp, Viber or Skype for texting.
  • Turn off apps that run in the background to avoid roaming charges. Stay in airplane mode.
  • Don’t assume you will use your phone navigator to find locations and directions, you may not have Wifi or coverage.
  • Look for free WiFi in internet cafés for catch ups with home but beware of exposure to hackers.
  • So far TMobile is best for international services however Sprint is catching up.
  • In Asia rent a “pocket WiFi” at the airport or online before you go. It is a personal wireless router.
  • Skip a phone altogether and use an international calling card.
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