Travel Insurance

All travel providers are required to offer you travel insurance and provide resources for you to understand coverage every time you purchase travel services.  Here are some thoughts on travel insurance.

  • Most domestic health insurance plans will not cover you overseas.
  • Medical evacuation coverage could save you thousands in the event you have to be transported home or to an emergency facility.
  • Travel insurance covers things like accidents, illness, missed flights, lost luggage, cancelled tours, theft.

Consider travel insurance if:

  • You are spending more than $5000 on your trip or have a complex itinerary,
  • If the supplier has stringent cancellation policies, like cruise lines.
  • If you are on Medicare.
  • If you have health risks.

Here is a link that might help you with thinking about travel insurance.

I can help you purchase travel insurance through Allianz Global Assistance. They have been wonderful to work with and very helpful and easy to submit a claim if needed. And being a Cruise Planner Franchise Owner has offers my clients benefits. You can purchase up until final payment date and still be protected for pre-existing conditions.

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