Travel Tips & Tricks

Traveling is an enriching, rewarding and sometimes even life changing experience. When traveling you want to focus on the culture, history, people, food, and enjoy the experiences. Travel smart by using these hints and practices so you focus on the journey and not on trying to figure out how to manage or how to fix things that go wrong. Remember, a travel agent stays current on travel warnings, procedure changes, risks and dangers, cultural norms and practices. Sometimes it is better to consult an expert and save yourself the hassles.

Some general good advice:

√ Buy “Skip the Line” tickets ahead for museums and events.

√ There are city taxes in most countries. Payable in cash at your hotel on arrival.

√ Bring snacks.

√ Don’t use ice that looks like it was chipped into cubes in foreign countries.

√ Take a photo of your luggage before you check it.

√ Take a photo of subway signs when you get on so you know which station to return to.  Photo of your hotel room number can be handy too.

√ Eat fruit with hard skins only (bananas, oranges). cooked food and drink bottled water.

√ Avoid jet lag and go on local time immediately. Don’t take that nap!

√ Don’t wear expensive jewelry, colorful clothes, shirts with slogans, etc.

√ Keep knees and shoulders covered in churches, temples and mosques.

√ Have a wonderful trip!








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