Are You A Solo Traveler?

Interesting question? Let me tell you, I meet a lot of people, during shows, out and about, on trips, planes, even at the grocery store, and when we get to chatting about travel, they say, “I want to travel, but I have to travel solo and …” fill in the blank, it’s intimidating, solo supplements cost so much, it’s lonely, I’m afraid, etc. Usually they tell me, my spouse won’t travel, my friends are all working and I’m retired, my friends don’t have money to travel, I’m a widow or divorced and more.

We aren’t talking about “singles” travel here, we are talking about “solo” travel. The people who travel solo with our groups love travel, aren’t looking for a date or mate, and just want to go places, make new friends, maybe find a future travel buddy.

If you have browsed our trips, you will note that we welcome solo travelers. We will match same gender roommates to save you money. We will search out suppliers, tours, deals, where solo travelers don’t pay single supplements. We will find ways to get you out there seeing the world!

I am a solo traveler myself. My husband, likes to travel, but only to places that are outdoorsy, hiking, walking, boating, etc. He also doesn’t like to travel constantly, which I do, lol, so he might go with me on one trip a year, but I want to do six a year!

I have made fantastic friends, have quite a great group of solo travelers who sign up and go on our trips together. I hope you will join us!

In the meantime, this tab is dedicated to providing you information, resources, ideas, about traveling solo.


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